Not Even a Blustery Day Could Chill the Bern at Transmitter Park

Bedford + Bowery

Bernie Sanders supporters showed up in droves today at the candidate’s Brooklyn rally, undeterred by the nippy cold weather and wind gusts that sent even the NYPD tugboat off of Greenpoint’s Transmitter Park a’bobbin (perfectly in-synch with the pump-up soundtrack’s reggae rotation, I might add). The mood was elated as the Brooklynite presidential candidate prepares to battle it out with Hillary Clinton for New York state delegates, a fight set to go down on her (sort-of) home turf less than two weeks from today.

“We’ve won the last six out of seven caucuses,” Bernie said to resounding cheers. “We started this campaign at 60 points behind and the last poll had us ahead of Secretary Clinton.” Even the babies were whooping at that sentiment, caught up in the growing optimism amongst Bernie supporters as the race’s underdog (lest we forget that Jesse Venturathreatened to throw his hat into the ring as well) continues to gain on Hillary.

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