The Friends of WNYC Transmitter Park

Friends of WNYC Transmitter Park (FTP) is a community-based all volunteer group founded in December 2016



The mission of the Friends of Transmitter Park is to protect and care for WNYC Transmitter Park in partnership with the local community and NYC Department of Parks and Recreation. We treasure Transmitter Park as a sanctuary and refuge for insects, birds, plants and wildlife, and honor it as a sacred common space for all Greenpoint residents and visitors. As our neighborhood undergoes drastic transformation, we seek to preserve the spirit of Transmitter Park, especially the equity of access to the waterfront, open air, and passive natural green space, which we regard as an inviolable human right. The Friends of Transmitter Park pledge to serve as stewards of the park and representatives of the Greenpoint community as we fulfill our mission to safeguard and cultivate Transmitter Park for the benefit and enjoyment of all.


Fiscal Sponsorship       

Friends of WNYC Transmitter Park (FWTP) is fiscally sponsored by Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA). For more information about OSA, please visit